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Online Survey Development

Online SurveysConducting surveys and gathering customer information online used to be prohibitively expensive for all except those with the largest budgets.

However, it is now available to businesses of all size using the Open Source package LimeSurvey.

To read about the features it offers go here

This means you do not have to pay expensive license fees, before you even begin to develop your questionnaire, or develop your sample.

I can provide a service on 2 levels:-

Full service

As I have many years experience in questionnaire development, the easiest option would be to leave it to us. The full service could include:

Do it Yourself

If you prefer to develop your own questionnaires, I can help by installing your own dedicated survey system.

You will then have the ability to set up, administer and review as many separate surveys as you wish.  In short, you will be in control. I will

If you would like to know more about our survey development work, or need assistance in installing LimeSurvey, please contact me

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