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Standard mailbox setup in Outlook Express

Setting up your new Standard mailbox should take just a few minutes. This guide assume you are running Windows XP but will also be useful if you are running an older version of Windows.

If you have subscribed to an advanced mailbox, please refer to this article

Step by step guide

NoteNote: If you wish to use you will need to upgrade to an advanced mailbox. Please contact us for more information on how to upgrade

NoteNote: Some broadband providers (such as BT) require that you apply for outgoing (SMTP) mail relay for domains hosted elsewhere before you may send mail from a standard mailbox. Their customer support will advise.

Step 7: On the Internet Mail Logon screen, enter your full email address in the Account name text box. You must include the @ and domain name.If you enter just the mailbox name this will not work. When you have entered your mail server names, click Next. 

Enter your password in the Password text box.

When you have entered your mailbox name and password, click Next.

 ImportantImportant: The Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) should not be selected.

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